Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters for Homes in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Lakeland & Beyond from Florida Energy Water & Air

Solar Water HeatersFlorid Energy Water & Air specializes in the installation of solar  energy heating devices that generate hot water on demand largely without electricity. Owning a solar water heater can be a highly cost effective way to heat water for bathing, cooking, and other household purposes. We even sell solar pool heaters that can significantly lower the cost of heating swimming pool water. Having a solar water heater from Florida Energy Water & Air installed inside your home will allow you to save in various ways. Consider the following:
  • Solar water heaters harness the free energy of the sun and use it to heat water naturally.
  • In a place like Florida where sunshine is abundant, a solar water heater is a particularly good investment to make as you will be far less dependent on costly electricity. Reducing your energy consumption will give you real dollar savings every day.
  • Using solar energy to heat water is great for the environment. It is estimated that a family of four can eliminate up to four tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year simply by using a solar water heating unit instead of a conventional electric unit.
To learn more about the many benefits of solar water heaters, contact the team at Florida Energy Water & Air today. We have many different models available and provide professional installation throughout Central Florida, including Melbourne, Orlando, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa. Florida Energy Water & Air is also a premier source for attic insulation, drinking water purification systems, water softeners, air purifiers, air conditioning service, and more.

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