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Reasons to Buy a Solar Water Heating System for Your Home in Melbourne, FL

Solar Water Heating Melbourne FLThere are several excellent reasons to buy a solar water heating system for your home in Melbourne, Florida. First, consider the economic benefits of heating your water using solar energy instead of electricity or natural gas. The latter two you are required to pay for, while the first is practically free. And, while it’s true that solar water heaters generally cost more up front than conventional gas or electric systems, over time, a solar water heater is always going to be a less expensive option for water heating. The Florida Solar Energy Center has studied the topic and found that solar water heaters offer the largest potential savings of any residential water heating technology. It found that switching to a solar water heater can potentially save a homeowner as much as 50 to 80 percent on water heating bills every year. Second, solar water heating is environmentally friendly. The fuel that a solar water heater uses – solar energy – is an abundant renewable resource that is easy to capture using the right technologies. Irrespective of the type of solar water heater you buy, it will harness the freely available energy of the sun so that you will be able to heat your water naturally and without any environmental repercussions. It is estimated that switching to a solar water heater from a conventional gas or electric system can prevent up to 50 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the earth’s atmosphere over a period of 20 years. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We install solar water heating systems made by Rheem throughout Melbourne, FL, and the surrounding area.

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