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Buying a Solar Water Heating System for Your Home in Orlando, FL – The Basics

Solar Water Heating Orlando FLIf you live in Orlando, Florida, and think that you might want to invest in a solar water heating system, then you are well-advised to take several factors into consideration before you decide to take the plunge and “go solar.” Buying a solar water heater is a bit like buying any other major appliance, although you are likely unfamiliar with many of the variables that can influence how much money you will actually be able to save. Before you buy, take the time to thoroughly consider the following factors:
  • Sunlight availability – Though it’s true that Orlando, FL, receives a lot of sunshine, too much shade over your roof can reduce the effectiveness of the system. The solar energy collectors that will be installed should ideally receive direct sunlight between 10AM and 4PM year-round.
  • Desired performance characteristics – Not all solar water heating systems are the same. They are typically categorized with regard to collector type (batch, flat plate, evacuated tube) and circulation system (direct, closed-loop, forced-circulation, passive). A qualified contractor should be able to help you identify the best solar water heater for your family’s needs.
  • Maintenance requirements – Periodic maintenance will likely be necessary to ensure the most efficient operation of your solar water heater.
  • Rebates and credits – The cost to install a solar water heater can be reduced if you qualify for a manufacturer rebate and/or a governmental incentive such as a tax credit.
For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air – a solar water heating system installer based in Orlando, FL.

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