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The Many Benefits of Having a Solar Water Heating System Installed in Your Home in Orlando, FL

Solar Water Heating System Orlando FLIf you don’t have a solar water heating system installed in your home in Orlando, Florida, then you will want to consider the many benefits associated with switching to a system that utilizes solar energy – not natural gas or electricity. A solar water heater is a household appliance that can minimize, if not eliminate, your reliance on non-renewable and polluting sources of energy all for the sake of obtaining heated water for bathing, washing dishing, and doing laundry. Solar energy is an abundant resource that is freely available to anyone who has the right technology. “Going solar” with regard to water heating has recently enjoyed an uptick in popularity as the equipment required has become both less expensive and more reliable. Once it is installed in your home in Orlando, FL, a solar water heater will provide you and your family heated water for only pennies compared to what you used to pay. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which is the federal government’s primary research arm for renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D, says that saving money every month is all but inevitable should you decide to switch to a solar water heater. How much money, specifically, will you be able to save? The answer to that question depends on a handful of variables. The NREL has identified several factors that will influence your actual dollar-amount savings. These include the following:
  • The cost of the system, fully installed
  • The capacity of the system
  • The efficiency of the system
  • The price of alternative fuels
  • How much hot/heated water your family uses
  • The availability of governmental incentives
If you’d like to learn more about possibly having a solar water heating system installed anywhere in the Orlando, FL, area, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We are a solar water heater installation specialist and a BBB-accredited business.

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