Solar Water Heating System

The Benefits of Buying a Solar Water Heating System for Your Home in Orlando, FL

Solar Water Heating System Orlando FLA solar water heating system is device that you can have installed at your home in Orlando, Florida, to significantly lessen the amount of money you pay for hot/heated water every month. Also called solar thermal systems, solar water heaters are designed to harness the energy of the sun and use it to heat water that can be used for everyday activities like bathing, doing laundry, and washing dishes. Instead of being totally reliant on a conventional water heater that gobbles up at lot of expensive gas or electricity, your family can enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of water that has been heated by an entirely natural and free source of energy – the sun. How much money, specifically, will you be able to save by electing to buy a solar water heater for your home in Orlando, FL? The answer is, it depends. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a federally funded facility that is used to pursue answers to today’s most pressing energy challenges, investing in solar water heating technology can lower your monthly water-heating bill anywhere between 50 and 85 percent. Your actual savings will be determined by a number of factors, including the following:
  • The cost of the solar water system you buy (minus any utility rebates or tax credits)
  • The efficiency rating of the system
  • The cost of operating a backup water heater (if you choose to use one)
  • How long the solar water heater lasts
  • The price of alternative fuel sources that you otherwise would be using
For additional information on the benefits of having a solar water heating system installed, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We are based in Orlando, FL, and specialize in the installation of solar water heaters made by Rheem, a trusted manufacturer.

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