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Water Softener St. Petersburg FLIf you live in St. Petersburg, FL, and are thinking about investing in a water softener, then turn to the highly experienced water softening system installers at Florida Energy Water & Air. We are a family owned and operated business that has been an authorized dealer of RainSoft water softeners for nearly 30 years. Why RainSoft? Because being a RainSoft dealer allows us to sell, install, and service the finest water treatment and water purification products made in the world. Like all RainSoft products, each RainSoft water softener is guaranteed to provide a lifetime of dependable performance with little, if any, maintenance required. With our help, you will be able to be able to say goodbye to a variety of problems that are caused by water hardness, such as dry, irritated skin, lifeless hair, scratchy clothing fibers, the premature breakdown of appliances that use water. The following RainSoft water softeners are available from Florida Energy Water & Air in St. Petersburg, FL:
  • EC5 Series – This water softener is one of the most advanced products of its kind. It features three distinct alarm tones, large LCD display screen, intuitive menu structure, automatic regeneration cycling, and power outage recovery. Plus, it can be remotely monitored on an iOS or Android device!
  • EC4 Series – RainSoft’s EC4 Series is highly user-friendly and packed with features such as large display, automatic regeneration, and proportional brine and rinse cycles to help you conserve water, salt, and electricity.
  • TC Series – The TC Series is a dependable water softener that utilizes an easy-to-set electric timer. Other features include a heavy-duty valve, high-torque, self-lubricating motor, large port and internal piping (for high water flow rates), tank-within-tank construction, and large salt refill opening.
For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, an authorized RainSoft dealer and water softener installer serving St. Petersburg, FL.

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