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How Hard is the Water in Tampa?

Hard Water Tampa FLIf you live in or near Tampa, Florida, then you probably deal with the various problems that hard water can cause. Just how hard is the water in the Tampa area? According to information published on the City of Tampa website, the primary source of drinking water for area residents is the Hillsborough River, a nearly 60-mile-long river that originates in the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve and empties into Hillsborough Bay in the Davis Islands neighborhood. As it is a river, this body of water can experience significant changes in volume flow throughout the year in response to meteorological changes. By and large, though, this region of the state undergoes predictable weather changes that can and do affect water hardness levels. The city estimates that the hardness of the Hillsborough River can fluctuate between 140 and 300 parts per million, depending on the time of year. Water, according to the United States Geological Survey, is considered to be “hard” at concentrations above 120 parts per million. That Tampa has hard water is abundantly clear. Practically speaking, most locals experience this firsthand when confronting household problems like hard water stains on their glasses and dishes, as well as recurring plumbing problems and premature appliance wear and tear. Though not harmful to human health, hard water can be a real nuisance that makes everyday household activities more of a challenge.

The Solution: Have a RainSoft Water Softener Installed

Fortunately, thanks to Florida Energy Water & Air, you aren’t necessarily destined to live with hard water problems forever. We are a family-run business serving the Tampa Bay area and the region’s one and only authorized RainSoft water softener dealer. Our team can install a high-performance water softener in your home that is guaranteed to provide a lifetime of dependable operation. No matter the model you choose, you can expect to receive an exceptionally well-made system that has undergone extensive independent testing and comes backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Florida Energy Water & Air has been installing RainSoft water softeners for nearly 30 years and is a company with a long track record of exceeding the expectations of its customers. It will be our distinct pleasure to help you say goodbye to hard water problems forever. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today for a free in-home water test and product demonstration. In Tampa, FL, we also install drinking water purifiers, solar water heaters, solar pool heaters, and more.

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