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Want to Extend Your Swimming Season on the Cheap in Tampa, FL? Have a Solar Pool Heater Installed

Solar Pool Heater Tampa FLIf you own a pool in Tampa, Florida, then you aren’t getting as much out of it as you could with a solar pool heater installed. That’s because your pool just isn’t realistically usable during the winter months. One solution would be to invest in a pool heater that uses gas or electricity. However, the cost to operate one of these heaters can be prohibitive over the course of the winter swimming season. A solar pool heater, conversely, costs practically nothing to operate. Using the free and abundant energy provided by the sun, solar pool heaters raise pool water temperature in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective fashion.

Solar Pool Heater Basics

The way in which a solar pool heating system works is actually quite straightforward. The most common type features an array of solar energy collectors that closely resemble solar panels. These panels are most often mounted on the roof so as to ensure maximize sun exposure. Inside of each one is a series of polypropylene veins through which the pool water passes. Similar to how water left inside a garden hose can get hot if the hose is left in the sun, the pool water flowing through the polypropylene veins gradually gets warmed by the sun’s radiant energy. A pump ensures that pool water is continually circulated while the system is on. And that, in short, is how a solar pool heater works. If you’d like to learn more, and if you think you might want to invest in a solar pool heating system, then be sure to contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We are a family-run business and one of the premier solar pool heater installers serving the Tampa Bay area. With our help, you will be able to extend your swimming season without having to spend a fortune. Along with solar pool heaters, we also install solar water heaters, water softeners, drinking water purifiers, whole-house water filtrations systems, and air conditioners, among other quality products. Florida Energy Water & Air has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and will be pleased to provide you many positive testimonials from past customers.

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