Solar Water Heater Panels Tampa FL

How Solar Water Heater Panels Work – An Overview for Tampa Bay Area Residents

Solar Water Heater Panels Tampa FLSolar water heater panels can be found on an ever-growing number of homes across the Tampa Bay area. Heating water by means of solar energy is a highly economical practice that can slash the size of your energy bills and also help you be kinder to the environment. Solar water heater panels come in three general types: BATCH COLLECTORS Also called integrated collector storage systems, batch collectors heat water in tubes or a tank contained inside an insulated box. FLAT PLATE COLLECTORS These typically consist of copper tubing connected to a flat solar energy absorber plate that is contained in an insulated box and covered by tempered glass. EVACUATED TUBE COLLECTORS Similar to how thermoses work, evacuated tube collectors feature an inner, liquid-containing tube surrounded by a larger glass tube that provides insulation. Air is removed (evacuated) from the space in between to further inhibit heat loss. One of the Premier Solar Water Heater Installers in the Tampa Bay Area Many of the solar water heater panels that you see across the Tampa Bay area have been installed by Florida Energy Water & Air. We are a family-run, local company that proudly installs solar water heating systems made by Rheem – a reputable American manufacturer that produces a wide variety of solar water heating solutions. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today if you live in the Tampa Bay area and would like to know more about the many benefits of solar water heating technology. Our team also installs solar pool heaters, water softeners, drinking water purifiers, air conditioners, and more.

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