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The Benefits of Having a RainSoft Drinking Water Filter Installed in Your Kitchen in Tampa, FL

Water Filter Tampa FLA RainSoft drinking water filter is a device that can provide your family in Tampa, Florida, with an unlimited supply of bottle-quality water. It will be installed out of sight directly under your kitchen sink and provide your family drinking water of the highest quality. RainSoft drinking water filters are NSF certified in contaminant extraction and come backed by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty. Either RainSoft drinking water filter described below can be an excellent choice for your home in Tampa, FL:
  • Ultrefiner II – This high-performance product features three-stage filtration that is capable of addressing virtually any water quality problem. The Ultrefiner II has a carbon block sediment pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, and a carbon block sediment post-filter. Multiple lines of defense present a formidable barrier to various types of contaminants, including particles as small as 10 microns.
  • Hydrefiner – The Hydrefiner is an economical drinking water filter that provides a dependable source of high-quality H20 for drinking, cooking, and preparing beverages like coffee, tea, and juice. Capable of producing 830 gallons of delicious water before cartridge replacement is needed, this unit utilizes a highly compressed carbon block filter to remove unwanted tastes, odors, and select contaminants. Like the Ultrefiner II, the Hydrefiner can eliminate your family’s reliance on expensive bottled water.
For more information on the benefits of having a RainSoft drinking water filter installed in your home in Tampa, FL, contact Florida Energy Water & Air – your trusted local RainSoft dealer. We also install whole-house water filtration systems, air purifiers, water softeners, and more.

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