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F.E.W.A. is an Authorized Dealer of RainSoft Water Softeners Serving Tampa, FL

Water Softeners Tampa FLInitially established in 1989 as an authorized dealer of RainSoft waters softeners and other premium water treatment products for the home, Florida Energy Water & Air continues in its tradition of offering state-of-the-art RainSoft equipment to residents throughout the Tampa, FL, area. Our selection of RainSoft water softeners is sure to include a system capable of addressing all your water hardness problems, everything from itchy clothing and lifeless hair to hard water stains on your dishes to problems with your plumbing and water-using appliances. Though it’s generally not a health risk, hard water can be tiresome to live with and is an impediment to enjoying what truly good water has to offer. Identifying the right system for your family’s needs among all of the various RainSoft water softeners that we carry is something we will gladly help you do. Following a complimentary in-home water hardness analysis, we’ll have a better understanding of your water quality and be able to recommend one of the following:
  • EC4 Series – This is a “smart” water softener that is able to program itself in response to actual water usage in your home. Automatic regeneration helps to conserve water, salt, electricity, and money.
  • TC Series – The TC Series incorporates an easy-to-program electric timer, a self-cleaning control valve, and a powerful, self-lubricating motor that helps to ensure a high flow rate and a plentiful supply of soft water whenever it’s needed.
  • Centurion™ – RainSoft’s Centurion™ is the most environmentally friendly of all the water softeners it manufactures. It requires no salt, no chemicals, and no electricity. Its 99.6 percent effectiveness rating is the highest of any chemical-free scale prevention system.
Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today for more information about having any of these superb RainSoft water softeners installed in your home. We are the only authorized RainSoft dealer serving the Tampa, FL, area.

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