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Name: Gwendolyn & Virgil Purvis Location: St. Petersburg, FL 33711 Pinellas County Equipment: HVAC January 19, 2011 Comments: We operate around the clock, a Large Family Daycare and Preschool from our home. Nearly everyday of the year, we have twelve (12) to sixteen (16) children in our care. After the installation of our Rheem/Ruud Ultra 18 series, the level of comfort, and smell of purer air quality is noticed by the children, staff, and parents alike. This provides for a most enjoyable learning and growth environment. We are looking forward to seeing a cost reduction in our Energy. We are truly thankful, that someone called and wanted to conduct an energy survey with us. It was at that point we were put in contact with a real go getter. The highly knowledgeable sales staff had not been to our home, but was able to convince us to save nearly $3,000.00. We had three offers prior to your company. We were in search of performance of equipment and long term savings in our operating cost. We were given all the information over the phone and wwre able to not only match, but beat the other company offer of a less inferior product. We thank you for a system of the highest standard in efficiency and quality! Your team of Chris Barker and William Blake are exceptional installation servicemen. They followed the contract ( HVAC quote (From: Lisa Hartwell, Jan 15, 2011 10:08:33 AM)) to the letter. All instructions were completed in a timely manner and above standard. They paid attention to details throughout the installation process. Both Christ and William work exceptional well as a team. And they don’t mind getting dirty (the complete sealing and repair to existing duct system to provide maximum efficiency and air flow). We are proud to have made your company our company of choice for this type of service. The savings along will increase our ability to provide better equipment, supplies, toys, learning materials to the future young minds in our care. Please provide us with 25 of your business cards to pass along to our parents and friends. A copy of this letter will be posted on our wall of honor for all to read for six months. Again thanks for a job well done above the standard. Sincerely yours, GWENDOLYN PURVIS VIRGIL LEE PURVIS Owner/Director Home Owner Little Sunshine Daycare & Preschool Patricia Villareal purvis

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