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yang Name: Zong Yang Location: Lakeland, FL Comments: I have purchased other company’s products but they didn’t deliver as expected. We’ve had problems with our water prior to the purchase. A friend of our recommended Rainsoft was the best system out there. We are very happy after we made our decision.
bishop Name: Tammy and Alvie Bishop Location: Lakeland, FL Comments: We had our water tested and we didn’t like the results. I bought to keep our family healthy. It was a great decision.
hunter Name: Harry Hunter Location: Lakeland, FL Comments: We had a system for 11 years and it went out about three months ago. We had missed the soft water.
bunch Name: Richard Bunch Location: Lakeland, FL Comments: We needed a system to prevent rust from ruining our appliances – we made the right choice!
Gardner  Name: Scott Gardner Location: Lakeland, FL Comments: James is a great salesman – very personable! Michael is a hard worker, excellent installer, very pleasant and patient. Highly recommended.
Player Name: Timothy and Kimberly Player Location: Lakeland, FL Comments: Dan and Mike were very nice, informative and not pushy. Frankie was very nice and was hardworking. Sid was a very impressive man, very pleasant to speak with. Very professional employees!
West Name: Benjamin and Ella West Location: Lakeland, FL Comments: Mike was very nice. Frank was very knowledgeable. Keith went over all paper work with us so we undestand everything. Everyone was really knowledgeable about water treatment and the equipment.

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Victor Michel | Orlando, FL
Wow, there are so many good things I can say about this company