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Name: Sing Sun Location: Orlando, FL 32810, Orange County Letter sent December 12, 2011 Equipment: Deluxe HWH KVAR Solo Tube CFB 36 Comments: I want to thank you for sending Colin out to explain my solar equipment and install a timer. Colin also moved the KVAR unit and told me the city had the wrong size meter on my house. I called the city and they changed it out without a problem. The first month I saw savings of $78.00 and this month it was almost $180.00. I love the system and Colin is an asset to your company. Sing Sun   Name: John Zaporteza Location: Orlando, FL 32810, Orange County Letter sent October 4th, 2011 Equipment: Whole house water treatment system (2009), Solar heating system, and Air Conditioner Comments: I am writing to express my satisfaction with both your products and your staff. I originally purchased a Rainsoft system for my home in 2009 and the system is great. On February 5th, 2010 I purchased a solar water heating system from you, and on August 5th, 2010 I had you replace my air conditioner. I initially had a couple small issues but Jason Spinney and his staff worked diligently to resolve them and as of last month my power bill was down over $150.00. The month before it was down just over $100.00 but the issue had been corrected partially into my billing cycle. Thank you for a great product and a professional staff. John Zaporteza   Name: Jean Brown Location: Orlando, FL 32803 Orange County Equipment: Two A/C, water heater, solar panel 1 February 2011 Comments: Chuck was very helpful and polite. Derrick the plumber was very good and did a wonderful job installing air handler and A/C. Bordeau’s worker was very good and did a nice job installing water heater and solar panel. All the workers were very pleasant and thoughtful. Jean Brown   Name: Luis Delgado Location: Apopka, FL 32712 Orange County 24 December 2010 Comments: Avery was very professional and I was happy with the way he brought out the presentation and the customer service he had. The installers were also professional, neat and made sure that we understood how to use our product. Luis Delgado   Name: Vincent Adams Location: Orlando, FL 32810 Orange County Equipment: Rheem Solar HWH Comments: Jeff was very friendly and explained the system and how the solar works. Even when there’s no sun visible it still gets enough energy to work 100%. He also explained how it helps the environment and how we can save money. Vincent Adams   Name: Steven and Teresa Shatsoff Location: Orlando, FL 32832 Orange County Equipment: Solar HWH 21 December 2010 Comments: The installer is a very knowledgeable and very nice professional. I would gladly recommend him. Teresa Shatsoff   Name: Linda Evans Location: Orlando, FL 32818 Orange County Equipment: A/C 31 December 2010 Comments: We had a good experience with all the workers who sold and installed the air conditioning unit. Everyone was courteous and gave necessary information. The minor problem with the switch was attended to in a reasonable time frame and we are quite satisfied with Bill and all the participants in the installation of the unit. Linda Evans   Name: Deborah French Location: Apopka, FL 32712 Orange County Equipment: Rheem Solar HWH 24 January 2011 Comments: Jim was very professional and answered all our questions. He provided a lot of information on energy usage. We are looking forward to lower utility bills and helping the environment. The installers were very courteous and professional. They neatly finished their installation and removed all debris. They answered our questions and made sure the system was working properly before leaving. Deborah French   Name: Lillian Labrader Location: Apopka, FL 32712 Orange County Equipment: Cellulose insulation 24 January 2011 Comments: Bill explained what had to be done with A/C unit – said needed more insulation. Mark and Chase did the insulation without any problem. All were nice and friendly. I think job well done. Lillian Labrader   Name: Victor Gallo Location: Plymouth, FL 32768 Orange County Equipment: Rheem Solar HWH 24 January 2011 Comments: Jim’s presentation was excellent. The installation came out good on Saturday. On Monday, George made a full inspection. We are satisfied with your service. Victor Gallo   Name: Daniel Kaleel Location: Orlando, FL 32806 Orange County Equipment: A/C 17 January 2011 Comments: Bill was a wealth of knowledge. All of the installers were friendly and efficient. The installation was on time and painless. Everyone I spoke with was courteous and friendly. Daniel Kaleel   Name: Debbie Sileo Location: Orlando, FL 32820 Orange County Equipment: Solar HWH, fan, insulation and regulator 06 January 2011 Comments: Jim Stetson came out and was very professional and personable. His informative explanation of savings and how the products would work was exceptional. All the other installers were wonderful. They were timely, efficient and personable. Debbie Sileo   Name: Bernardo Gonzalez Location: Apopka, FL 32712 Orange County Equipment: HVAC 06 January 2011 Comments: I am very happy with the air conditioning installation. Bill was very good to us. Bernardo Gonzalez

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