Testimonials – Tampa

 clip_image001_2 Name: Sol Vazquez Location: Tampa, FL Comments: I love my new water softener! The taste is good, no bad odor and my skin is very soft. My hair looks shinning. Also I don’t have to use too much detergent. I would recommend to everybody – you won’t regret it!
 clip_image002_2 Name: Peggy Burrell Location: Brandon, FL Comments: We enjoy our Rainsoft and every drink we have of the refreshing pure water. It just makes my day, especially having to wash all my fruits and veggies in this wonderfully soft and clean water. My husband’s recent comment was how much soapy lather he enjoyed when he took his shower this morning. We are very pleased as well with the air vent system and the way it takes care of the household odors.
 clip_image003_2 Name: Karen Van Derbogaert Location: Dover, FL Comments: Removed iron from our water, toilets, appliances, etc. Less cleaning needed. Was impressed with how much soap was left in clothes from old water system, and how much cleaner clothes are – no soap residue. The taste of the water is 10 times better than our well water was before.
 clip_image004_2 Name: Lundy Christian Location: Riverview, FL Comments: I love the soft and clean drinking water. Clothes are fresher and cleaner. The scale build-up in the water heater and the water lines stopped. It saves us time and money.
 clip_image005_2 Name: Kenneth and Nancy Siemen Location: Plant City, FL Comments: The service man installed our new unit in October 2008 and did a very professional job. He was pleasant and knowledgeable. He didn’t waste any time in completing his work. He did a very good job and left the area in good condition.
 clip_image006_2 Name: Patricia Lezynski Location: Valrico, FL Comments: I don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. I use less soap and laundry detergent. The rings around the toilet disappeared. Taking a shower is a real pleasure.
 clip_image007_2 Name: Catherine Dittmer Location: Lithia, FL Comments: We got the system to remove the smell out of our water. The system performed as described. We’re very happy with the decision we made.

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