Hybrid Water Heaters

A bather gingerly steps into a bath.Understanding More About Hybrid Water Heaters

These days, we rely on water heaters more than ever. The average household needs hot water for everything from bathing to laundry and having a water heater that can handle your family’s demands is important for anyone who values cleanliness and comfort. Thankfully, these days there are plenty of water heaters that are more than capable of providing nearly unlimited hot water for any household. But all that power comes at a cost—and it’s usually reflected in your monthly energy bills. The good news for homeowners is that today’s water heaters are more energy-efficient than ever, and there are plenty of options available in a variety of capacities. One of the most energy-efficient options available is a hybrid water heater, sometimes called a heat pump water heater. These units promise unbeatable energy efficiency in hot climates, but how do they work?

Harness Local Temperatures

The key to hybrid water heaters lies in their heat pump. This simple, energy-efficient device draws minimal power but provides impressive benefits. The heat pump pulls in warm, outside air that is then used to heat a supply of hot water. Because heat pumps require such little electricity, they can heat water for a fraction of the cost of a traditional heater. Because hot ambient temperatures are required for hybrid heaters to be most effective, most operate by heating water when the weather is hot, then store it in a tank for later use. That means you won’t have to worry about your water bills shooting through the roof when the sun goes down.

Who Benefits Most from Hybrid Water Heaters?

Because of the design of hybrid water heaters, they work most effectively in areas with high temperatures throughout the year. That means homeowners throughout Florida can likely see benefits from a hybrid water heater, and many might see impressive thermal improvements and lower energy bills. Another benefit of heat pump water heaters is that they are effective in hot weather, even if the sun isn’t shining, which is helpful in rainy summer months.

Other Energy-Efficient Options Available

If a hybrid water heater isn’t ideal in your neck of the woods, don’t worry; there are other styles available that also offer big energy savings. Solar water heaters utilize sunlight to heat water and can provide similarly inexpensive hot water to households. On-demand water heaters eschew a bulky storage tank and create hot water as needed, which can also lead to big savings, especially for smaller spaces.

Chat With a Residential Water Expert

If you’re interested in optimizing your home’s energy usage when it comes to heating water, the best move you can make is reaching out to a knowledgeable residential water expert. For homeowners throughout Florida, that means turning to Florida Energy Water & Air. We’ve been the leading residential water contractors in the Sunshine State for decades, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find an energy-efficient solution for your home. To find out more about our Rheem® hybrid water heaters and how they could benefit your home, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today.

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