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Walk-in Bathtub Installation Services for Residents of Clearwater, FL

Walk in Bathtub Clearwater FLPurchasing a walk-in bathtub for your home in Clearwater, Florida, can significantly reduce the chance that you will slip, fall, and become injured while either entering or exiting the bath. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which compiles statistics on household injuries, the elderly are particularly vulnerable to bathroom slips and falls. Why are bathrooms such precarious places? First, there are many hard surfaces in a bathroom that can become dangerously slippery when wet. Second, many of us often use the bathroom at night when we are not at our most alert. Third, many bathroom-specific activities, like showering and using the toilet, require balance and motor skills that gradually diminish as we grow older. While the installation of a walk-in bathtub cannot completely eliminate any chance of injury, it can greatly lower the risk of an accident occurring. At Florida Energy Water & Air, our walk-in bathtubs have safety features like:
  • ADA-compliant grab bars
  • Leak-proof doors
  • Chair-height seats
  • Slip-resistant surfaces
  • Low step thresholds
  • Fast fill/drain capabilities
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • And more
In addition to being safer to use than a conventional tub or shower, a walk-in tub can deliver soothing hydrotherapy for back pain, neck pain, muscle soreness, poor blood circulation, and a host of other ailments. Taking a long, hot soak in a walk-in tub on a regular basis can help you to feel rejuvenated. For more information about having a walk-in bathtub installed in your home in Clearwater, FL, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today.

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