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Walk-in Tub Installation Services for Residents of Tampa, FL

Walk in Tub Tampa FLIf you live in the Tampa, FL, area and are interested in purchasing a walk-in tub, turn to Florida Energy Water & Air. We install walk-in tubs of the finest quality, all of them designed to provide a safer and more enjoyable bathing experience for the elderly. By replacing your old, high-sided tub with a walk-in model, you can drastically reduce the risk that you will slip, fall, and become seriously injured while either entering or exiting the bath. Better bathroom safety means that you will have greater independence and be able to stay in your home. No matter the size or style of walk-in tub you buy from Florida Energy Water & Air in Tampa, it will have a number of features that are designed to maximize your personal safety, such as:
  • Low step threshold
  • No-slip floor and seat
  • Leak-proof door
  • Internal ADA-compliant grab bars
  • And more
With optional Whirlpool-style jets, our walk-in tubs also provide excellent hydrotherapy for a wide range of physical and mental ailments. Muscle soreness, back and neck pain, joint stiffness, poor blood circulation, insomnia, stress – these are just some of the conditions that can be alleviated by taking a long, hot soak in walk-in bathtub on a regular basis. For more information on the benefits to having a walk-in tub installed in your home in the Tampa, FL, area, please contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. In addition to walk-in bathtubs, we also install bath liners, solar water heaters, air conditioning systems, drinking water purifications systems, whole-house air filtration systems, and more.

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