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The Advantages of Installing a Water Conditioner in Your Apopka HomeWater Conditioner Apopka

With its sunny skies, white beaches, and a warm ocean, Florida has a reputation for being a wonderful place to live. One of the only downsides to living in Florida is that most of the state’s water supply contains enough mineral deposits to be categorized as hard water. Without a water conditioner to filter out these contaminants, you’ve almost certainly felt the effects of hard water in your Apopka area home. Fortunately, Florida Energy Water & Air is here to help. Our full-time installers are specially trained and authorized to install the RainSoft’s acclaimed water management products, including their water conditioners.

The Effects of Hard Water

While hard water poses no health threats after drinking or bathing in it, you’ll likely feel its effects in your home. Hard water will:
  • Create water stains on your dishes, glasses, and flatware
  • Make your clothing scratchy and stiff after repeated washing
  • Cause water-using appliances to develop leaks or break down
  • Create mineral deposits in your plumbing, leading to leaky or damaged pipes
These effects are irritating and have the potential to be costly over the lifetime of your home, but one of RainSoft’s nationally recognized water conditioner systems can remove unwanted mineral deposits from your water.

The Benefits of a RainSoft Water Conditioner

Florida Energy Water & Air believes in customer-focused service and quality products, which is why we’ve partnered with RainSoft to meet your water softener needs. RainSoft:
  • Has over 60 years of experience in creating water management systems
  • Designs and manufactures all of their products in the USA
  • Offers exceptional warranties on their water conditioners
  • Has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is a Consumer Affairs Accredited Brand
Additionally, RainSoft personally authorizes the dealers or distributors of their products, including their water conditioner line. The team at Florida Energy Water & Air has worked with RainSoft for over 20 years, winning numerous customer service awards. Are you ready for softer water in your Apopka home? Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today to discuss which water conditioner is right for you!

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