Water Conditioner Effects

How Adding a Water Conditioner to Your Orlando Home Can Affect Your Hair

Water Conditioner OrlandoHard water is highly prevalent in Orlando and other areas of Florida, and it can have an impact on many things in your daily life, including your hair. If you don’t have a water conditioner installed at your home, it’s possible that some of the undesirable traits of your hair are actually being caused by your home’s water.

Hard Water’s Effects on the Hair

Similar to soap scum on a shower wall, the excessive minerals in hard water can leave a scaly film on the hair. On top of that, hard water doesn’t thoroughly rinse products out of the hair, creating even more buildup. This typically leaves people feeling the need to wash their hair more than normal, but that leads to even more issues because the more washing, the more buildup, and the more buildup, the less moisture can enter the hair strands. Some common signs of hard water that you might notice with your hair include:
  • Dry, straw-like texture
  • Excessive frizz or tangles
  • Dull or lifeless appearance
  • Dry, itchy scalp or dandruff
  • A greasy or oily look near the scalp
  • Difficulty retaining hair color or a brassy tone

How a Water Conditioner Can Improve Your Hair

While there are several ways to combat the negative effects of hard water on the hair, the best way to permanently solve the problem is to have a water conditioner installed at your home. A water conditioner removes those unwanted minerals from the water, leaving you with soft water. In addition to preventing those issues listed above, soft water can balance your hair’s pH level for a silky, smooth texture. Are you interested in having a water conditioner installed at your home in Orlando? Contact Florida Energy Water & Air to schedule a free, in-home consultation and water test.

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