Water Conditioner Effects

Having a Water Conditioner Installed at Your Tampa Home Can Improve Your Hair

Water Conditioner TampaSo many Tampa homeowners have hard water. But not many of those homeowners realize that their water could be the culprit behind their everyday hairstyling grievances, and that something as simple as having a water conditioner installed could put an end to their woes and give them the shiny, silky tresses they’ve always wanted.

How Hard Water Affects Your Hair

Tampa and other cities in Florida are prone to hard water, as the land has copious amounts of limestone. Without a water conditioner installed, your home’s water is likely abundant with minerals like calcium and magnesium. While it’s safe to bathe in hard water, the fact is that it can cause many unwanted effects on your hair. The minerals combine with shampoo, leaving a filmy substance on your hair – like soap scum on a shower wall. This blocks moisture from fully absorbing in the hair strands, as well as keeps products from being completely rinsed out, creating buildup on your hair.

How a Water Conditioner Will Improve Your Hair

A water conditioner will remove the unwanted mineral buildup in your water. The soft water will rinse product out of your hair more thoroughly and allow your hair to absorb moisture properly, restoring its pH balance. Ultimately, what soft water can mean for your hair is:
  • Less frizz and tangles
  • Shiny, silky texture
  • Bolder, longer-lasting hair color
  • An end to dandruff or dandruff-like product flaking
Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today if you’d like to schedule a free water test and consultation at your Tampa home. Our experts can help you determine if your household could benefit from a water conditioner, and what type of system would be best for your family’s needs.

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