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RainSoft Water Conditioner Dealer Serving Tampa, FL

Water Conditioner Tampa FLThe only brand of water conditioner that you need to consider buying for your home in Tampa, Florida, is RainSoft. That’s because RainSoft has been one of the key innovators in the residential water treatment industry for over 60 years. Dedicated to providing superior customer satisfaction since day one, RainSoft has grown from a single Midwest location to a global business enterprise with dealerships throughout the United States and many foreign countries. In Tampa, FL, there is just one RainSoft water conditioner dealer: Florida Energy Water & Air. With our help, you will be able to say goodbye to hard water problems like limescale buildup and spotty dishes with a professional installation of one of the following premium RainSoft models:
  • EC5 Series – The EC5 Series is a next-generation water conditioner that can be monitored remotely by using the RainSoft REMIND® app on an Android or iOS device. And, because it regenerates automatically in real time in response to actual water usage in the home, this product is great at conserving water, salt, and electricity.
  • EC4 Series – Like the EC5 Series, this water softener will respond in real time to your family’s needs. It features a powerful microprocessor, built-in backup battery, and a self-lubricating motor.
  • TC Series – This RainSoft water softener operates via timer, with regeneration occurring at pre-scheduled intervals.
For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, an authorized RainSoft water conditioner dealer and family-run business serving Tampa, FL, and other Central Florida locations. Be sure to inquire about getting on the schedule for a complimentary water hardness test and in-home consultation.

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