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Water Conditioners Professionally Installed in West Palm Beach, FL, Homes

Did you know many Florida homes, including those in West Palm Beach, Florida, have hard water running through their plumbing? If you’ve ever noticed water spots on clean dishes, residue buildup on bathroom tiles, or mineral-encrusted faucets in the kitchen, your home may be one of the many affected. Fortunately, a water conditioner can help. Florida Energy Water & Air has been in business since 1989, and we are proud to supply water conditioners (also known as water softeners) and other home water solutions to Florida homes.

Why Do I Need a Water Conditioner?

Florida has a reputation of having some of the hardest water in the U.S.A. This can cause many problems within your home, including:
  • Mineral buildup in faucets and plumbing
  • Deterioration of household appliances that use water
  • Dry skin and hair after showering
  • Faded or rigid clothing after washing
  • Water spots and cloudiness on freshly washed dishes
  • Troublesome-tasting and -smelling sink water
Installing a water softener system is a great way to help combat the negative effects of hard water. A water conditioner helps eliminate calcium and magnesium deposits in your home’s water supply, which can have a lasting impact on the quality of your appliances and piping, saving you money in the long run.

What’s Next?

At Florida Energy Water & Air, we use RainSoft water softening systems, which are assembled right here in the U.S.A. and are backed by a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. Our company has earned a prestigious A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and we are confident our installation experts will supply you with not only the best products for your West Palm Beach, FL, home, but also the best service. If you are ready to take the next step, our experts are ready to help! Please give us a call to learn more today.

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