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Three Unexpected Changes You May Notice After Installing a Water Conditioning System at Your Tampa Home

Water Conditioning System Tampa FLIf you’re considering having a water conditioning system installed at your Tampa home, then you may already be aware of some ways in which soft water can change your day-to-day living. For instance, you may have already learned that soft water is better for your pipes and water-using appliances, and that it will eliminate scale build-up in your sinks and bathtubs. However, there are three changes that we commonly hear homeowners are surprised to see after having a new water conditioning system installed – take a look below at some benefits you may not have been expecting from soft water.

Your Skin Will Feel Different After a Shower or Bath

It’s not unusual for people to be taken aback by how different their skin feels when showering or bathing. People have described soft water as feeling “slippery,” or even “slimy,” on their skin. The reality is that this is simply the way clean, hydrated skin should feel! Hard water leaves behind a scummy residue. Because your skin will no longer have a filmy layer of soap-curd on it, it will feel more slippery; plus, your skin’s natural oils will be able to surface, which will further contribute to your skin’s softer feel.

You Will Notice a Lot More Suds

Hard water prevents soaps, shampoos, and detergents from lathering as well as they should. So, after having a water conditioning system installed, you are going to notice more suds and bubbles. This means you won’t have to use as much of these products, resulting in shorter rinse time and less money spent on these products, too.

Your Clothing Will Look Better and Last Longer

The same scummy residue that hard water leaves on your hair and skin in the shower or bath is also left behind on your clothes when you wash them. Washing your clothes with soft water will leave them feeling softer and looking brighter, and will keep the fabric from breaking down and wearing out as quickly.

How to Get a Water Conditioning System for Your Home

If you’re interested in having a water conditioning system installed at your Tampa home, contact your local experts at Florida Energy Water & Air. We’ll be happy to visit your home for a consultation and tell you about our quality RainSoft systems and help you choose the right one for your household.

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