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Time for a New Water Heater? Think About Going Solar

Water Heater Orlando FLA solar water heater is a device that converts sunlight into heat for the purpose of water heating. Once uncommon, solar water heaters can now be found throughout the Orlando area and indeed in many parts of the world. Solar water heating systems come in myriad designs and are differentiated primarily with respect to collector type and circulation system. The amount of heated water a solar water heater can produce depends on the:
  • Type and size of the system
  • Amount of sunlight received at the site
  • Tilt and orientation of the collectors
  • System’s energy efficiency rating
  • And other factors
The number one reason why most people decide to “go solar” when it comes to water heating is to have a (much) lower energy bill each month. While it’s true that solar water heaters tend to be more expensive than the conventional gas or electric varieties, anyone who invests in a solar water heater can expect to quickly recoup that premium and experience many years of significant financial savings. How much money, specifically, can be saved? The answer to that question will differ from household to household. Savings can be dictated by any or all of the following:
  • How much heated water is required
  • Weather, which can dictate how often a backup heater is used
  • The rise and fall in the price of conventional fuels
  • Whether you qualify for any incentives for investing in green technology
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • How long the system lasts
  • And more
One of the premier solar water heater installers in the Orlando area is Florida Energy Water & Air. We have helped many local homeowners make the switch to solar water heating technology and will be pleased to do the same for you. We proudly install solar heaters manufactured by industry-leader Rheem and back our work with a one-year service warranty, in addition to any and all manufacturer warranties. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Along with solar water heaters, we also sell, install, and service solar pool heaters, water softeners, drinking water purifiers, air conditioners, and more.

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