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Water Heater Orlando FLThe next water heater you buy for your home in or near Orlando, Florida, shouldn’t run on gas or electricity. Florida Energy Water & Air can install a system that heats your water in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly fashion. Instead of using a costly form of energy that pollutes the environment, this system will utilize solar energy – the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun that doesn’t cost a penny. The solar water heater that we install will produce a plentiful volume of heated water that will be available for use whenever it is needed. A backup gas or electric heater might be recommended if you have a large family with proportionate heated water needs. How much money can you save by going solar in Orlando, FL, and having a solar water heater installed? A lot of factors will come into play, including the following: • System cost – The more expensive the system, the longer it will take to pay for itself through lower water-heating expenses. • System energy efficiency – An important metric to look for is called solar fraction. The higher the fraction, the more your water is being heated by solar energy than it is by the backup gas or electric unit. • Conventional fuel prices – Although solar energy is free, the price of conventional fuels like natural gas and electricity tend to fluctuate. Should the prices of those go down, for example, the less money you will be saving using a solar water heating system. • Incentives – Using a solar water heater reduces the size of your carbon footprint. It also puts less strain on the energy grid. For these reasons and others, many cash incentives are available at the local, state, and federal levels for the purpose of encouraging the adoption of green technology. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air if you think you’d like to have a solar water heater installed anywhere in the Orlando, FL, area.

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