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Man taking a steaming hot shower. Have you noticed that your water takes longer to heat up than normal? Or maybe your dishes keep coming out dirty after the dishwasher cycle? If so, you might have a failing water heater. Florida Energy Water & Air is here to help! We install the highest-quality water heaters for homeowners in Lakeland, Florida, and we’d be delighted to show you our selection of Rheem® water heaters.

Personalized Solutions

The experts at Florida Energy Water & Air know that water heaters aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Your replacement will depend on the size of your house and the number of people living there. We can help you choose from the following options:


A hybrid water heater takes advantage of high outdoor temperatures to heat your home’s water—great for homeowners in Florida!


Electric water heaters come in different sizes to suit various needs. You’ll be pleased to know that they’re also highly energy efficient.


This is a go-to option for many homeowners. Gas water heaters are efficient, and ours can be installed with smart-home connectivity and water monitoring.


Sunlight fuels solar water heaters, heating your water affordably.


Tankless water heaters create hot water on demand and use less space than storage tanks.

We’re Here to Help

Don’t suffer from a failing or broken water heater! Contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We’re the specialists that homeowners in Lakeland, FL, trust, and our team has the experience necessary to carry out a flawless water heater installation.

Easy-Term Financing With Zero Down & Low Monthly Payments

Homeowners with approved credit can qualify for same as cash financing for up to 24 months with no money out of pocket.

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