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How a Solar Water Heating System Can Help Tampa Homeowners “Go Green”

Solar Water Heating System TampaMore and more Tampa residents are embracing the idea of “going green” by implementing more environmentally friendly practices in their homes. If you’re interested in reducing your household’s carbon footprint but aren’t sure where to start, one of the best things to consider is your family’s energy usage. Did you know that, on average, water heating accounts for around 12 percent of a household’s monthly energy bill? That’s the second-largest portion of energy use next to heating and cooling the home, which is why making the switch to a solar water heating system is a great step toward going green.

Environmental Benefits of a Solar Water Heating System

Whether your current water heater is powered by gas or electricity, generating power to run it emits carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. When you use a solar water heating system, you’re using a natural, sustainable source of energy – the sun – to heat your home’s water, which means you’re releasing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. To put this in perspective, depending on the size of your family, the amount of water your household uses, and the temperature you set your water heater for, this could equate to around 4,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year or more. That’s equivalent to driving your car 3,000 fewer miles per year.

Financial Benefits of a Solar Water Heating System

The benefits of switching to a solar water heating system are not only environmental but also financial. Don’t be turned off if the initial cost of a solar water heater is higher than an electric or gas system—most solar water heaters qualify for rebates and federal tax credits, significantly reducing that expense. Plus, installing one can dramatically reduce your monthly water heating cost, often by as much as 85 percent.

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