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Water Purifier Clearwater FLHaving a RainSoft drinking water purifier installed in your kitchen in Clearwater, Florida, will likely cause you to say, “Why didn’t I do this a lot sooner?” That is because RainSoft drinking water purifiers are among the most effective products of their kind on the planet. Each one is made in the U.S. inside of ISO-certified facility, backed by an industry-leading warranty, and capable of producing gallon after gallon of superb-tasting drinking water that has been scrubbed clean of various types of impurities at the molecular level. Following the installation of a RainSoft drinking water purifier in your home in Clearwater, FL, your family will have 24/7 access to high-quality water conveniently accessible right at the kitchen sink tap. RainSoft manufactures two types of drinking water purifiers. Either one will allow you to say goodbye to water that doesn’t taste, smell, or look like good water should:
  • Ultrefiner II – This water purifier can address just about any drinking water impurity, including chlorine, VOCs, and particles as small as 10 microns. One of its three built-in filters is a reverse osmosis membrane, and the system is NSF certified for its contaminant extraction abilities.
  • Hydrefiner – Utilizing a highly compressed carbon block filter, the Hydrefiner is a drinking water filter that can produce as many as 830 gallons of crisp, delicious water before you will need to replace the filter media. Like its cousin the Ultrefiner II, the Hydrefiner is a rugged product that can fit directly underneath your sink with plenty of room to spare.
For more information, call or message Florida Energy Water & Air. We are the only company serving Clearwater, FL, authorized to sell you a RainSoft drinking water purifier and install it in your home. We also sell water softeners, whole-house filters, and air purifiers – all from RainSoft.

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