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RainSoft Drinking Water Purifier Systems for Residents of Orlando, FL

Water Purifier Orlando FLRainSoft’s Ultrefiner II is a state-of-the-art drinking water purifier. If you live in the Orlando, FL, area and are experiencing issues with the taste, smell, and/or appearance of the water your family drinks at home, then the Ultrefiner II can be a highly practical investment. Using advanced filtration technologies, the Ultrefiner II is capable of producing great-tasting, bottle-quality water – all right at the kitchen sink. Though compact in size, this water purifier is designed to address virtually any water quality concern, everything from visible sediment to off-putting tastes and odors. Having an advanced water purifier like the Ultrefiner II installed at your home in Orlando means never having to purchase bottled water again. Here is a brief, step-by-step overview of how the Ultrefiner II functions:
  • Water enters the system through the inlet value.
  • It is then forced through a pre-filter cartridge that reduces particles, chlorine, tastes, and odors.
  • Next, the water is filtered throughout a spiral wound, semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Then, the filtered water enters a storage tank.
  • When it’s needed, the water is filtered again by a system post-filter and dispensed out of a dedicated drinking water faucet.
With the Ultrefiner II, not only will your water taste distinctly better than what you’re used to, your foods and prepared beverages (like coffee) will as well. For more information about RainSoft’s Ultrefiner II drinking water purifier, contact Florida Energy Water & Air. We are an authorized dealer of RainSoft products serving the entire Orlando metro area.

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