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Say “Goodbye” to Hard Water Forever – Have Us Install a RainSoft Water Softener in Your Home in Daytona Beach, FL

Water Softener Daytona Beach FLThe team at Florida Energy Water & Air can install a RainSoft water softener in your home in Daytona Beach, FL, so that you and your family never have to put up with hard water again. The reason why it is called “hard” water is because it contains minerals that form a crusty buildup (limescale) on just about everything it comes into contact with. Though generally not harmful to human health, hard water can diminish the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, clog up pipes and water-using appliances, leave skin and hair with an unpleasant sticky feeling after bathing, and gradually dull the color of clothing. Fortunately, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to have a water softener installed. RainSoft water softeners, which are among the best in the world, are designed to produce a reliable and abundant supply of soft water throughout the home. At Florida Energy Water & Air, it will be our pleasure to help you select a RainSoft water softener that is best for your family in Daytona Beach. Available models include:
  • EC4 Series – This is a “smart” water softener that is able to regenerate in response to actual water usage in the home. Automatic regeneration will help you to conserve salt, water, and money.
  • TC Series – RainSoft’s TC Series features an electronic water softening timer that is simple to program.
  • Centurion – The Centurion is an environmentally friendly option for water softening as it does not require electricity, backwashing, salt, or chemicals of any kind.
Whichever model you ultimately choose, by virtue of being a RainSoft, your water softener is guaranteed to provide a lifetime of dependable performance. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today if you’d like to say “goodbye” to hard water in Daytona Beach, FL.

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