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Invest in a Water Softener Installation for Your Sarasota, FL, Home

Water Softener Installation If you’ve lived in Sarasota for any amount of time, you’ve probably felt the effects of hard water in your home: crusty mineral buildup on your taps, water stains on your dishes, and hair that tangles easily after a shower. What you may not realize, however, is that hard water can also wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing. That’s why you need Florida Energy Water & Air to perform a water softener installation. Our RainSoft® water softener systems can provide you with a reliable source of soft, mineral-free water, eliminating common hard-water headaches and protecting your plumbing from damaging clogs and mineral build up.

The Most Reliable Water Softeners Available

When you invest in a new water softener system, you want to know that it will solve your hard water problems once and for all. We understand, which is why we partner with industry-leading manufacturer RainSoft for all of the water softener installations we perform. Not only will their systems reliably remove all of the calcium and magnesium from your home’s water supply, but they also feature:
  • Tank-within-tank construction to limit system failure and prevent flooding
  • High flow rates, to provide you with the water pressure you want while showering or doing dishes
  • Programming options that allow you to personalize your system to operate around your family’s schedule
What’s more, our RainSoft water softener systems come backed by one of the most generous warranties available for your peace of mind.

Choose the Installers You Can Trust

When it comes time to perform your water softener installation, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands with Florida Energy Water & Air. All of our projects get completed by our team of in-house technicians, all of whom possess special training. They’ll make sure your new water softener system gets installed securely so it can operate optimally for years to come.

Want to learn more about the water softener installations we perform for Sarasota homeowners? Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today to schedule your free consultation.


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