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Everyday Life Will Improve After a Water Softener System is Installed in Your Home in Orlando, FL

Water Softener System Orlando FLWhat is a water softener system and why would you want to have one installed in your home in Orlando, Florida? The typical water softener is a mechanical appliance that is plumped directly into the home’s water supply system. Through a process called ion exchange, the water softener takes out undesirable minerals and replaces them with something else, usually sodium. The water that softeners yield is much better suited for household use than it was when it contained minerals. These minerals – most often calcium and magnesium – are not harmful to human health, although they can cause problems ranging from skin irritation to premature appliance breakdown. You can expect the following after having a water softener system installed in Orlando, FL: • Your skin will be softer and look better • Your hair will be more manageable • Soaps and shampoos will develop richer lathers • Water-using appliances will work more efficiently and not have to be repaired or replaced as often • Dishes, silverware, and glassware won’t have unsightly hard water stains any longer • Laundered clothing will retain its color better and feel softer to the touch A water softener is an investment that can improve the quality of life for every member of your household. For a high-quality system and professional installation, just turn to Florida Energy Water & Air. We are the only authorized installer of RainSoft water softeners in the region and proudly carry a range of models, from the computer-controlled EC5 Series to the timer-operated EC4 Series. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air to speak with a member of our team about having a water softener system installed in your home in Orlando, FL, or nearby suburb.

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