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A Water Softener Is the Solution to Hard Water Issues at Your New Smyrna Beach Home

Water Softener New Smyrna Beach FLSince 1989, Florida Energy Water & Air is the company that residents of New Smyrna Beach have turned to for help with their hard water issues. As an authorized dealer of RainSoft products, we can provide our customers with the very best water softener systems on the market.

Signs Your Home Has Hard Water

A majority of homes in Florida have hard water due to the abundance of limestone in the region’s soil. While hard water is safe to consume and bathe in, it does have negative effects that are noticeable around the house. If you’re unsure whether you have hard water and would benefit from having a water softener installed, here are some common indications:
  • Spotty or foggy-looking glassware and dishes
  • Stiff, faded clothing
  • White, chalky deposits on showerheads and faucets
  • Water stains in toilet bowls, sinks, and bathtubs
  • Filmy soap scum on shower walls and shower curtain liners
  • Frequent problems with your water heater
  • Dry, itchy skin

Benefits of Having a Water Softener Installed

A water softener will eliminate the minerals from the water that make it hard, thereby preventing the limescale buildup that otherwise clogs up your pipes and mucks up your water-using appliances. In addition to rectifying the issues mentioned above, a water softener will ensure your water-using appliances run more efficiently, thus consuming less energy, lasting longer, and saving you money in the long run. What’s more, soft water lathers more easily, which means that less soap, shampoo, and detergent will be needed. Contact your local water treatment experts at Florida Energy Water & Air today, and we’ll be happy to visit your home in New Smyrna Beach to conduct a free water test and consultation. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the best water softener to suit your family’s needs.

Easy-Term Financing With Zero Down & Low Monthly Payments

Homeowners with approved credit can qualify for same as cash financing for up to 24 months with no money out of pocket.

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