Water Softener System

Do Orlando Homeowners Need a Water Softener System?

Water Softener System OrlandoThe state of Florida is known for having a lot of hard water, mainly due to the abundance of limestone in its land. While it is deemed safe to drink and bathe in, hard water causes a multitude of unwanted effects in Orlando households, and many homeowners can benefit greatly from having a water softener system installed at their residence. So, while a water softener might not be a necessity, it could certainly have a significant impact on your daily activities and the quality of life in your home.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Water Softener System Installed?

A water softener system will remove the unwanted minerals from your home’s water, which in turn will result in many noticeable benefits for you and your family to enjoy. A water softener can affect your:
  • Skin and hair – Soft water lathers more easily and thoroughly rinses soap and shampoo away, leaving your skin and hair clean and healthy.
  • Clothing – When your washer uses soft water, your clothes will last longer, feel softer, and look less faded.
  • Plumbing – Hard water can cause scale buildup in your home’s pipes, causing more frequent plumbing issues and lower water pressure.
  • Appliances – Scale buildup from hard water can also decrease the lifespan of your expensive water-using appliances, so a water softener can help protect your investment.
Furthermore, a water softener system can even have financial benefits. Because soft water lathers better than hard water, less soap, shampoo, and detergent are needed, so you will be able to reduce the amount of product you use. Additionally, as soft water prevents scale buildup in the pipes, water will flow more easily, which can lead to lower water bills. If you live in Orlando and are concerned about hard water issues in your home, contact your local experts at Florida Energy Water & Air to schedule a free water test. Our team can help you determine the level of hard water in your household and decide which water softener system is best for you.

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