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How Do You Know If Your Tampa Home Would Benefit From a Water Softener System?

Water Softener TampaMost people have heard of water softener systems before, but few know enough about them to recognize when one is needed in their own home. What it comes down to is hard water – knowing what it is and how to recognize if you have hard water issues in your home.

What Is Hard Water?

During the water cycle, minerals like calcium and magnesium can naturally accumulate and dissolve into the water. Water can have varying levels of hardness, depending on the amount of minerals that have been absorbed. Most homes have some degree of hard water – it’s safe to drink and bathe with but can ultimately lead to problems, which is where a water softener comes in handy.

Negative Effects of Hard Water

Living with hard water can lead to some unsightly and problematic issues – issues that can end up being rather costly. For instance, scale buildup can clog pipes and lead to regular plumbing issues. And, clogged pipes can also cause low water pressure and lead to higher water bills. Hard water can also:
  • Create unattractive stains in sinks, tubs, and toilets
  • Leave chalky residue on dishes cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Make clothes look faded and wear out more quickly
  • Cause dry, itchy skin and flat hair

What Does a Water Softener Do?

A water conditioning system can soften the water by removing those unwanted minerals. With a water softener installed, you’ll be able to use less soaps and detergents; soft water lathers much better, making cleaning and bathing easier and less costly. A water softener will also prevent scale buildup, protecting your home’s pipes and the longevity of your water-using appliances. You’ll also feel cleaner after a shower or bath, and your clothing will look better and feel softer, too. If you’re experiencing any of the negative effects of hard water, contact your local experts at Florida Energy Water & Air. Our knowledgeable team can conduct a free water test at your Tampa home and help you choose the best water softener system for your needs.

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