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Which Model of RainSoft Water Softener is Right for Your Home in Tampa, FL?

Water Softener Tampa FLFinding a quality water softener in Tampa, Florida, is as easy as calling up the residential water treatment pros at Florida Energy Water & Air. We are an authorized dealer of products made by RainSoft, which has been a leading innovator in the residential water treatment industry for more than half a century. RainSoft water softener systems are built to the highest of standards and are independently tested for effectiveness and durability. Which model of RainSoft water softener is right for you and your family? Continue reading to learn more about the two models that are available from Florida Energy Water & Air:
  • EC4 – This is RainSoft’s premium home water conditioning system. Built to last a lifetime, it is designed to provide an abundance of luxurious softened water throughout the home whenever needed. It has a smart feature microprocessor that will monitor the amount of water your family uses and generate soft water on demand.
  • TC Series – RainSoft’s TC Series water softener produces the same amount of softened water as the EC4, only without the automated, computerized controls. The TC Series has an easy-to-use programmable timer, a powerful self-lubricating drive motor, failsafe tank-within-tank construction, and other features that you would expect to find on a quality, state-of-the-art product made by RainSoft.
Irrespective of the model you buy, you will get a water softener that is reliable, durable, and highly effective at reducing water hardness in your home. With soft water, soaps and shampoos lather better, soap scum virtually disappears from bathroom surfaces, laundered clothing is cleaner and brighter, and dishes and glassware sparkle. To learn more about these RainSoft water softeners, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We are an authorized RainSoft dealer serving Tampa, Florida.

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