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Water Softeners for Residents of Orlando, FL

Water Softeners Orlando FLAt Florida Energy Water & Air, we don’t sell just any water softeners in Orlando, Florida. We sell water softening systems that are among the finest products of their kind available in the world. Since 1989, we have been an authorized RainSoft dealer serving Central Florida, selling, installing, and servicing every single product that RainSoft manufactures. Our RainSoft-brand water softeners are assembled in the U.S.A. to the highest industry standards. In fact, they have been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association and NSF International, so you can be completely confident that you are investing in a high-performing, long-lasting product. RainSoft water softeners utilize a process called ion exchange to remove the dissolved minerals that are responsible for making water hard. Although generally not a threat to human health, hard water is undesirable for a number of different reasons. For example, it causes scale buildup to form inside pipes and water-using appliances; leaves skin and hair looking dull and feeling itchy; and results in dishes that have water stains and/or a filmy residue. Consider turning your hard water soft with one of the following RainSoft water softeners:
  • EC4 Series – The EC4 Series is a fully automated water softener that replenishes itself in real time based on actual water usage. Automatic replenishment helps it to use less water, salt, and electricity.
  • TC Series – This premium water softener has a built-in electric timer that is simple to program. Like the EC4 Series, it will produce an unlimited supply of luxurious softened water for whenever your family needs it.
For more information about RainSoft water softeners, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We are an authorized RainSoft dealer serving Orlando, FL, and the surrounding area. In addition to water softening systems, we also carry drinking water purifiers, whole-house water filters, and whole-house air purifiers – all from RainSoft.

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