What Maintenance Does a Water Softener Require?

What Maintenance Does a Water Softener Require?

Toddler bathing in soapy water A water softener is a beautiful thing. By significantly reducing the amount of hard minerals in your home’s water supply, this appliance helps ensure well-lathering soaps, a long-lasting dishwasher, soft skin and hair, and normal-tasting coffee and tea. Plus, water softeners are generally very easy to maintain, leaving you with more time to focus on your busy schedule rather than performing pesky maintenance chores. Still, if you want to ensure a healthy, well-functioning water softener that will fulfill its lifespan, there are a few occasional upkeep tasks to complete. Thankfully, they’re simple! It’s always a good idea to refer to the maintenance guide in your water softener’s owner’s manual, but generally speaking, proper water softener maintenance involves:

Checking Salt Levels

Most water softeners require a salt refill once every two months, but it’s smart to check more often than that to double check that the salt is covered with water. Be sure to replenish your water softener with high-quality salt, which is (thankfully) still very inexpensive.

Cleaning the Brine Tank

About once every year, clean out your water softener’s brine tank. This involves waiting until salt levels become low and carefully scooping out the remaining salt and underlying sludge with a shovel. Next, clean the tank with gentle detergent and water, rinse thoroughly, and refill with salt.

Cleaning the Resin Tank

It’s also important to ensure a clean resin tank! Luckily, resin beads only need to be cleaned every five to seven years or so with an iron-cleaning solution.

Routinely Checking for Salt Bridges

A salt bridge is a hard, suspended crust of salt that develops towards the top of the brine tank, which prevents the salt from effectively dissolving into the water and creating brine. If you see one, carefully break it down with the end of a broom or another tool. It’s also a good idea to keep watch for signs that your water softener isn’t working as well as it should, including:
  • Hard mineral buildup around faucets and showerheads
  • Odd-tasting coffee, tea, pasta, and other foods or beverages prepared with tap water
  • Laundry that feels stiff
  • Cloudiness or spots on freshly washed dishes

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