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Installing Products That Improve Homes’ Efficiency & Comfort Since 1989

Since its founding, Florida Energy Water & Air has been on a mission to help its customers maximize comfort and enjoyment at home. By improving a home’s energy efficiency, as well as its water and air quality, we help homeowners get the most out of their largest financial investment. FEWA specializes in solar energy, water treatment, air conditioning, insulation, and air purification. Our products offer lasting solutions to everyday problems like high energy bills and rising utility prices, bad-tasting water, dry skin and dull, lifeless hair, quickly fading clothing, spotty dishes and glassware, and much more.

  • Solar Energy

  • Water Treatment

  • Air Conditioning

  • Insulation

  • Air Purification

Heat Your Water With the Power of the Sun

Protect yourself from ever-rising energy prices and heat your home’s water naturally with solar power. We offer both solar water heaters and solar pool heaters, and you can get started with no money down.

Say “Goodbye” to Your Family’s Hard Water Issues

Combat your household’s hard water woes with our water conditioners, drinking water filter systems, and whole-house filters from RainSoft. These products help make drinking water taste better, leave hair and skin softer, protect your water-using appliances, and much more.

Stay Cool & Comfortable in Your Home

Beat the Florida heat with a premium air conditioning system from Florida Energy Water & Air. FEWA offers same-day A/C replacement and service. Plus, because we’re an authorized service provider with Home Depot, you’ll have peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction

Cooler in the Summer, Warmer in the Winter

Upgrading your attic insulation can reduce your monthly energy costs, not to mention make your home’s interior temperature more comfortable, year-round. FEWA’s exclusive Platinum Shield Thermal Protection System combines barrier insulation with blown-in cellulose for the ultimate protection.

Enjoy Breathing Pure, Healthy & Fresh Air

The average home has poorer air quality than the outdoors. But your family doesn’t have to be subjected to breathing dirty air. FEWA’s air purification system treats the whole house, reducing contaminants and odors, and leaving air fresh and clean.


Easy-Term Financing With Zero Down & Low Monthly Payments

Homeowners with approved credit can qualify for financing same as cash up to 24 months with no money out of pocket.

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A Family-Owned & -Operated Business Since 1989

We’re the experienced, longstanding company that you can trust to make your family’s well-being our No. 1 priority.

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