Residential Water Treatment

Residential Water Treatment Services for Homeowners in Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, Melbourne, West Palm & Other Communities Across Central Florida

Residential Water TreatmentAt home, we use water in so many of our daily activities: cooking, bathing, brushing our teeth, washing our clothes, mopping the floor. And, the list goes on. So, it’s no wonder that homeowners want their water to be of the best quality. Florida Energy Water & Air is Central Florida’s trusted provider of residential water treatment. As an authorized RainSoft dealer, we have access to a full suite of water-enhancing products, and we can custom-design a solution for your household’s unique needs. Our residential water treatment products include:
  • Water softener systems – Also commonly referred to as “water softeners,” our water conditioning systems address hard water issues, removing minerals such as calcium and magnesium that make water hard. These systems lead to many noticeable improvements, including softer hair and skin, spot- and fog-free dishes and glassware, softer and longer-lasting clothing, and so much more.
  • Drinking water filtering systems – Our drinking water purifiers remove contaminants and fluoride for higher-quality, better-tasting water. These systems work with a dedicated faucet in the home.
  • Problem-solving filters – Whole-house filters can be installed to address specific problems with a home’s water, such as contamination with iron, sulfur, chloramines, lead, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These filters help with issues like unpleasant odors, bad taste, and floating particles.

Residential Water Treatment for Homes with City Water

Home Water Treatment Even though city water is regulated and monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is considered safe, many homeowners still opt for home water treatment systems. City water may still comprise specific contaminants that affect its taste or smell, and it may also contain minerals that make the water “hard.”

Residential Water Treatment for Homes with Well Water

Private well water is not monitored by the EPA, and it is up to the owner to ensure it is safe for residential use. There are no cookie-cutter water treatment solutions for well owners, as water can become contaminated by a wide range of local factors, such as naturally occurring minerals. Whether your household uses city water or well water, the experts at Florida Energy Water & Air can help you determine if your family would benefit from our products. To learn more about residential water treatment, or to set up a free consultation and water test at your home, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We proudly serve homeowners across Central Florida.

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