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Solar Energy Options for Homeowners in Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, Melbourne, West Palm, Florida & Other Nearby Areas

Solar Energy With more than 250 days of sunshine every year, Florida enjoys almost unlimited access to one of our most important renewable resources: Solar energy. This energy can be used for everyday household activities, such as powering lights and electronics. By installing a solar water heater or pool heater, you can even use this natural resource to enjoy as simple an experience as unwinding in warm water. And the best part? Using solar energy saves you money by keeping your monthly utility bills nice and low. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we sell a variety of products that can help homeowners in the Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, Melbourne, and West Palm Beach areas “go green” and save money in the process. By using solar energy for your water heater or pool heater, you can be kinder to the environment, lower your monthly bills, and even qualify for tax credits from the federal and state government. What’s not to love about that?  

30% Tax Credit!

The Pros of Switching to Solar Energy

Before making the leap and investing in solar energy resources at your home, you may find yourself questioning whether the transition would be worth it. After all, you would need a solar water heater or pool heater to serve as a consistent and reliable source of hot water. Fortunately, going green by investing in solar energy resources comes with a plethora of benefits. These include:
  • Immediate savings – Both federal and state governments offer financial incentives for installing solar resources, including solar pool heaters and water heaters. These incentives take the form of both property and sales tax credits.
  • Long-term value – With a solar water heater, pool heater, or attic fan, you’ll enjoy monthly savings and protection from energy price spikes.
  • Environmental friendliness – Solar energy resources allow you to lower the carbon footprint of your household. This helps keep Florida beautiful for generations to come.
Since we partner with leading manufacturers, our solar energy products maximize these benefits. This makes them a worthwhile investment for any Florida homeowner.

Ways to Switch to Solar Energy

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits that come from installing solar energy resources, you have several options:

Enjoy Low-Cost Warm Water With a Solar Water Heater

Hot water plays a vital role in your daily routine. You enjoy it when you turn on the shower, rely on it when you wash the dishes, and benefit from it when you start a load in your washing machine. When you invest in a solar water heater, then, you need to know that it will operate both efficiently and reliably for years to come. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers like Rheem and Solene to provide you with hot water on demand throughout the year. Over the lifetime of your unit, experts estimate that you can save up to 80% on your water heating costs just by making use of solar energy.

Extend Your Swimming Season With a Solar Pool Heater

As one of the most versatile features of your home, your pool can serve as a setting for social gatherings or solitary workouts. A solar pool heater allows you to make use of this area year-round. When nighttime temperatures would make your pool water too chilly to enjoy, simply turn on your new pool heater to keep swimming. The only operating costs associated with a solar pool heater come from running the pool pump, which can cost as little as $30 a year!

Keep Things Cool With a Solar Attic Fan

When it comes to keeping indoor temperatures bearable in Florida, ventilation matters. A solar attic fan draws the cool air underneath your eaves into your attic, lowering temperatures. Since they operate on solar energy, these fans don’t possess the same efficiency problems as their electrical counterparts. This means that a solar attic fan, when coupled with reliable attic insulation, can keep your home cool at no extra cost to you.

Whichever solar energy resources you choose to invest in, you can rest easy knowing your system will function efficiently for years to come. That’s because, in addition to partnering with reputable manufacturers, we provide our highly experienced installers with special training. Our team will make sure that your solar water heater, solar pool heater, or solar attic fan offers years of clean, green, and affordable energy that you can enjoy far into the future.

Enjoy Your Savings Now!

Combined or individually, these products can help you take full advantage of one of Florida’s most abundant natural resources—solar energy. Whether you live in Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, Melbourne, West Palm Beach, or one of the surrounding areas, the solar specialists of Florida Energy Water & Air can help select the solar products that would best suit your needs. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation and receive a quote on your solar pool heater, solar water heater, or solar attic fan!  

Easy-Term Financing With Zero Down & Low Monthly Payments

Homeowners with approved credit can qualify for same as cash financing for up to 24 months with no money out of pocket.

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