Solar Pool Heater Cost

What is the Cost to Have a Solar Pool Heater Installed at Your Home in Tampa?

Solar Pool Heater Cost Tampa FLIf you own a pool in the Tampa area of Florida, then you know that our winter temperatures make it too cold to go swimming year-round. Having a gas or electric pool heater installed is always an option, however the high operating expenses of that type of equipment make them undesirable to many people. Another option – going solar – is gaining traction among an ever-growing number of pool owners in the Tampa Bay Area. Should that be of any interest to you, you likely want to know just how much a solar pool heater will cost.

Solar Pool Heater Prices

According to Florida Solar Design Group, the cost to have a solar pool heater installed in this particular region can be between $3,000 and $6,000. One important factor that will heavily influence what you ultimately pay out of pocket is the amount of water your pool contains. Similar to how it takes large pot of water a long time to boil, a big pool will likely require additional solar panels and lead to a higher overall cost. Other factors include: • The type of roof on which the solar panels are installed • The style and quality of panels used • The cost of obtaining a permit from the county • Plumbing distances and related complexities • Whether the system is manually operated or automatic

One of the Premier Solar Pool Heater Installers in the Tampa Bay Area

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