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Solar Water Heater Installation for Residents of Orlando, FL

Solar Water Heater Orlando FLFlorida Energy Water & Air proudly offers solar water heater installation services throughout the Orlando, FL, area. Our supplier, Rheem, is a global leader of the residential plumbing, heating, and air conditioning industry. Rheem solar water heaters are expertly designed to harness the sun’s energy and use it to heat water in an economical and environmentally friendly manner. When you consider that your conventional gas or electric water accounts for nearly one-fifth of your home’s energy consumption (more than all of your other appliances combined), investing in a solar water heater makes a lot of sense. Solar water heating is essentially a no-brainer in a place like Orlando, FL, which experiences 200+ sunny or partly sunny days every year. Installing a solar water heating system will help you:
  • Save money – Heating your water in a 100 percent natural way instead of having to rely on expensive gas, propane, or electricity will result in an immediate reduction in your water-heating costs.
  • “Go green” – Solar energy is natural and abundant. Using it to heat your water will lessen your reliance on polluting, non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Qualify for free money – Tax credits, utility rebates, and other incentives are commonly made available to those who purchase solar water heating systems and other products that utilize solar power.
For more information about the benefits of having a solar water heater installed in your home in the Orlando, FL, area, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today.

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