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Solar Water Heating SystemIn sunny Florida, a solar water heating system is capable of producing heated water on demand throughout the entire year. By replacing your conventional electric or gas water heater with one that utilizes all-natural solar power, you can potentially save thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the unit. Especially when you consider that a conventional water heater generally needs to be replaced every 8-10 years, owning a solar water heater begins to sound more and more like a cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative. The name to trust in Central Florida for quality solar water heaters and expert installation is none other than Florida Energy Water & Air. No matter if you live in Daytona Beach, Orlando, Lakeland, or St. Petersburg, there is a F.E.W.A. office near you staffed by individuals who are well-versed in all aspects of solar water heater technology. We have many different models of solar water heating systems available, guaranteeing your ability to find a unit that is best suited to the size of your household, the size of your budget, and your family’s water usage habits. We carry models from Rheem, RUUD, and other highly respected manufacturers. Plus, if you own a pool, you might want to consider investing in a solar pool water heater from us as well (we carry various models). A separate, dedicated solar water heater system for your family’s swimming pool can extend your swimming season, add value to your home, and dramatically reduce your energy bills. For additional information on the benefits of owning a solar water heating system – be it for your house, your pool, or both – contact Florida Energy Water & Air Today. We serve Orlando, Lakeland, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and the rest of Central Florida. We also offer water softeners, drinking water purifiers, air purification systems, heating and air conditioning units, attic insulation, and more, all from trusted manufacturers.

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