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Want to Save Money? Buy a Solar Water Heater for Your Home in Lakeland, FL

Solar Water Heater Lakeland FLAfter buying a solar water heater for your home in Lakeland, Florida, you are likely going to ask the question, why didn’t I do this sooner? That’s because a solar water heating system can significantly lower your monthly water-heating expenses. Depending on whether you currently have a water heater that utilizes gas or electricity, you potentially stand to lower your monthly water-heating bills by as much as 50 to 90 percent. Though it really isn’t possible to say exactly how much money you stand to save, there’s a good chance the figure will be significant. That’s especially true given the fact you live in a place like Lakeland, FL, where you can depend on receiving an abundant amount of sunshine no matter the time of year. Factors that can influence how much money you save after having a solar water heater installed include the following:
  • How much sunlight you receive
  • The efficiency rating of the system
  • The cost of the system
  • How much hot/heated water your family consumes
  • The price of alternative energy sources (e.g., gas, electricity)
  • How heavily you have to rely on a backup gas or electric heater
  • The availability and amount of governmental incentives for investing in environmentally friendly technology
  • How long the solar water heating system lasts
Remember, too, that “going solar” with respect to water heating is a highly eco-conscious thing to do. You will become less reliable on polluting fossil fuels and reduce the size of your home’s carbon footprint. For more information, contact Florida Energy Water & Air, a solar water heater installer serving Lakeland, FL.

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