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Does it Make Sense to Have a Solar Water Heater Installed in Tampa, FL? All Signs Point to ‘Yes’

Water Heater Tampa FLMore and more people in the Tampa area of Florida are investing in solar water heater technology. As energy bills slowly but inexorably grow bigger, it makes good financial sense to switch to a method of water heating that can help lower the cost of what you pay for heated water every month. Using a solar water heater is an especially good idea in a place like Tampa, Florida – a city that averages almost 250 sunny days a year. According to multiple reputable sources, “going solar” for water heating in a place like Tampa can slash the size of your monthly water heating bill by as much as 80-90 percent. It might even be possible to get away with paying nothing for heated water depending on how much is actually needed. Factors that can determine your actual monthly savings include the following: • The cost of the solar water heater • Maintenance expenses • How energy efficient the system is (as measured by its solar energy factor (SEF) and solar fraction (SF)) • The costs of alternative fuel source like gas and electricity • Whether – and to what extent – you have to use a backup gas or electric water heating system • Whether you are able to benefit from one or more financial incentives for investing in environmentally friendly technology, such as tax credits Regardless of what you potentially stand to save, it pays to partner with a local company that can professionally handle all of your solar water heater installation needs. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we proudly install high-quality solar water heaters made by Rheem, one of the most well-respected manufacturers of such products in the world. Florida Energy Water & Air is an award-winning, family-run company that is committed to exceeding your expectations. We genuinely look forward to helping you go solar and begin saving serious money! In Tampa, FL, we also install solar pool heaters, water softeners, sink-mounted drinking water purifiers, whole-house water filtration systems, air conditioning systems, and more. Our goal is to help you improve your home and, in turn, your quality of life. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today.

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