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Water Heater In the morning, you stand in your shower and wake up under the steaming cascade. When you run your dishwasher, you know that the piping-hot water will sanitize your plates and glasses. After working in the yard, you throw your dirty clothes into the washing machine for a warm load. So many of your daily tasks depend on hot water, which makes a reliable and efficient water heaters an important home upgrade. So is your hot water heater up to snuff? If it isn’t, turn to the hot water experts trusted in Orlando and throughout Central Florida—Florida Energy Water & Air.

Signs You May Need a New Water Heater

The last thing you want is for your water heater to die on you, leaving you in a cold shower. If you think your hot water heater may be failing, consider being proactive by replacing it before it dies. So get in touch with our knowledgeable technicians if you notice any of the following:
  • Rust in your water or on the tank, typically around the pressure relief valve or water inlet
  • Noises, such as rumbling, coming from the tank
  • Leaking water on the floor around the tank
  • Failure to heat water, or taking a long time for water to get warm
When you contact us, our experienced team will determine whether your water heater issues can be resolved with something simple, like a thermostat adjustment or new heating elements, or if they indicate the need for a replacement.

The Best Type of Water Heater for Your Household

When purchasing a new water heater, you want nothing but the best­—a system that will provide you with all of the hot water you need when you need it. Finding the best type of water heater can feel overwhelming, though, which is why Florida Energy Water & Air can help. We install three types of hot water heaters, each of which works best in different situations:
  • Gas – A gas-powered heater is a good options because it works quickly and consistently, even operating during a power outage. For those who want near-immediate access to hot water, a gas-powered water heater works quickly and consistently, even operating during a power outage.
  • Electric – Those looking to save money on installation should consider hot water heaters, which cost less to install and work quite efficiently.
  • Solar – If you want to enjoy all the hot water you will ever need without paying high monthly energy bills, a solar water heater is perfect for you.
  • Tankless – These water heaters operate on-demand, giving you access to all the hot water you’ll ever need without leaving you vulnerable to energy loss.
  • Hybrid – These water heaters integrate some of the energy-saving features you’d expect to find in a heat pump while giving you the reliability of an electric water heater.
Regardless of which type of water heater works best for your situation, you can rest assured that we only install products made by industry-leading manufacturers. This guarantees that your hot water heater will last for years to come.

The Best Manufacturers

As a certified installer of Rheem water heaters, Florida Energy Water & Air proudly provides Florida homeowners some of the best products available. Rheem products boast:
  • Industry-leading technology, which ensures consistent access to hot water
  • Next-generation energy efficiency, saving you money on monthly utility bills
  • Incredible versatility, allowing you to choose the best type of water heater for your household
We install the full line of these outstanding water heaters, including gas, electric, and solar options. Rheem’s high-performing water heaters offer a wide range of features and come backed by outstanding warranties for your peace of mind.

Same-Day Installation Services

At Florida Energy Water & Air, we understand that water heater installation can sometimes be an urgent need, which is why we provide same-day installation services for our customers. All of our installers work for our company full-time, and they receive special training in order to ensure that your new hot water heater functions optimally. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service has allowed us to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There’s no need to live with cold showers and dirty dishes. Contact Florida Energy Water & Air today to learn more about our water heater installation services or to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve homeowners in the Orlando area and throughout Central Florida.

Easy-Term Financing With Zero Down & Low Monthly Payments

Homeowners with approved credit can qualify for same as cash financing for up to 24 months with no money out of pocket.

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