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Enjoy Fresh, Clean Water with a RainSoft Drinking Water Purifier in Orlando, FL

Water Purifier Orlando FLFor bottle-quality water without the bottle, consider investing in a RainSoft drinking water purifier for your home in Orlando, Florida. RainSoft – which is one of the leading manufacturers of residential water treatment products in the world – offers various drinking water purifications systems, including one that uses reverse osmosis technology to filter water on a molecular level. Installable under the kitchen sink, in a nearby cabinet, or in the basement, any RainSoft drinking water purifier will give your family 24/7 access to great-tasting filtered water right at the kitchen tap. Choose from among the following models, both of which are assembled in the U.S.A., Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association, and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty:
  • Ultrefiner II – This premium water purifier provides multiples levels of filtration to purify the water your family uses for drinking, cooking, making ice, etc. The Ultrefiner II has a pre-filter, a spiral-wound, semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane, and a post-filter.
  • Hydrefiner – RainSoft’s Hydrefiner is compact, economical, dependable, and designed to produce clean water that is free of contaminants, tastes, and odors.
For additional information on having a RainSoft water purifier installed in your home in Orlando, FL, contact Florida Energy Water & Air today. We are an authorized RainSoft dealer that has proudly been serving Orlando and the surrounding area since 1989. In addition to drinking water purifiers, we also sell, install, and service water softeners, whole-house water filters, air purification systems, solar water heaters, air conditioners, and more.

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