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Orlando, Florida, is known for having hard water, mainly due to the abundance of limestone in the land. While it is deemed safe to drink and bathe in, hard water, which contains excess minerals like calcium and magnesium, can cause problems with your plumbing system and appliances. A water softener can remove these minerals and eliminate the issues caused by hard water—and Florida Energy Water & Air is the team to call for a high-quality water softening system. We are a family-owned business that has been an authorized RainSoft dealer since 1989, and our experts would be happy to help you find the perfect water treatment solution for your home.

Signs You Have Hard Water

Hard water, which is typically classified as being moderately hard (61 to 120 mg/L), hard (121 to 180 mg/L), and very hard (over 180 mg/L), is common in Orlando. In Florida, flowing water dissolves the limestone in the ground and accumulates minerals before entering city water systems. Since the mineral-rich water poses no health risks, most city water systems don’t invest in hard water treatment before sending the water to your home. However, the minerals in the water will eventually build up on wet surfaces. The following is a list of just some of the signs that you have hard water and may need to invest in a water softener:
  • Dry skin
  • Lifeless hair
  • Spotty dishes and glassware
  • Difficulty getting soaps, shampoos, and detergents to lather
  • Dull-colored clothing
  • Limescale buildup
  • Premature wear and tear on water-using appliances
  • Plumbing problems

How Water Softener Systems Operate

A water softener uses a chemical reaction called ion exchange. First, your water is sent to a tank containing negatively charged beads called resin. After the positively charged minerals in the water cling to the resin, a strong brine solution is sent over the beads and flushes the minerals away. The undesirable mineral ions are replaced with sodium ions, resulting in soft water that offers many noticeable benefits for you and your family.  Installing a whole-house water softener can:

Prolong the Lifespan of Water-Using Appliances

Just as scale builds up on faucets, it also builds up in pipes and within the components of your water-using appliances, including your dishwasher, water heater, washing machine, and even your coffee maker. Appliances have to work harder when they’re clogged with scale, ultimately causing them to break down and need replacing sooner.

Improve Your Hair & Skin

Other benefits of a water softener include softer hair and skin. Hard water can leave residue behind on your hair and skin, as it does not thoroughly rinse away soaps and shampoos. When you shower or bathe with soft water, you’ll find that your hair looks and feels healthier, your skin feels more moisturized, and color-treated hair won’t fade as fast.

Make Your Clothes Look Better, Feel Softer & Last Longer

Hard water can wear down clothing fabrics quickly. Also, hard water can leave behind a residue that makes clothing stiff and dull.

Make Your Dishes & Glassware Look Cleaner

Just as hard water can leave residue on your clothes, hair, and skin, it can also do so on your dishes, glasses, and silverware, leaving them foggy or spotty.

Reduce the Amount of Cleansers & Detergents You Use

Since soft water creates suds more effectively and rinses thoroughly, you’ll find that you can use a smaller amount of cleaning products, including household cleaners, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Buying these products less frequently means extra money in your pocket.

Lower Your Energy Bills

All water-using appliances, such as dishwashers, coffee makers, and water heaters, function more efficiently and consume less energy when using soft water. This, in turn, may result in lower monthly energy bills.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When your appliances use less energy and last longer, you reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and other natural resources.

Keep Your Plants Healthier

Most residential tap water contains chlorine that has been added for disinfection. However, this chemical additive provides no benefits after your water reaches your house. A water softener will remove, or at least significantly reduce, any chlorine that can negatively impact the health of your houseplants.

Our RainSoft Products

RainSoft water softening systems feature rugged construction and the proven ability to provide a lifetime of dependable operation. After installing one, you and other household members will no longer have to face the problems that hard water can cause. Every RainSoft water softening system is:
  • Assembled inside of an ISO-certified Midwest manufacturing facility
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty—the best in the industry
  • Independently tested and certified by outside organizations such as the Water Quality Association and NSF International
We install the following RainSoft water softening systems:
  • EC5 Series – A system designed to generate soft water in real time whenever needed, the EC5 Series can be monitored remotely using an iOS or Android mobile device.
  • EC4 Series – Like the EC5 Series, this system initiates the regeneration cycle whenever it detects that your home needs soft water. Automatic regeneration helps conserve salt, water, electricity, and money.
  • TC Series – This a timer-operated water softener featuring high flow rates, automatic bypass during regeneration, a built-in backup battery, and more.
  • Centurion – This water softener is the most environmentally friendly product of its kind sold in the United States, as it softens water entirely without the need for salt, electricity, or backwashing. The Centurion is exempt from water softening restrictions and bans.

Partner With Florida Energy Water & Air

You want a water softener company with a winning combination of products, proficiency, and protection to ensure your new water-softening system operates effectively for decades. At Florida Energy Water & Air, we have you covered. Our team offers the best:
  • Products – There’s a reason we offer RainSoft water softeners. These systems have stood apart from the competition for the better part of a century with their superior efficiency and durability.
  • Experience – We ensure that our in-house technicians receive factory training and certifications, equipping them with the skillset necessary to provide you with a smooth and precise installation.
  • Warranties – RainSoft backs its water softener systems with one of the best lifetime limited warranties in the industry, allowing you to enjoy comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.
Our top-notch water softener installation services and customer care have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a glowing reputation in the local community. Turn to our team for assistance—we even offer next-day installation and service!

Learn More About Our Water Softeners

Contact Florida Energy Water & Air for additional information about our RainSoft water softener systems and how they can benefit your home in Orlando, FL. We’ve served over 100,000 customers and earned numerous customer service awards. In addition to water softener installation services, we proudly offer drinking water purification systems, whole-house (point-of-use) water filtration systems, whole-house air purifiers, solar water heaters, and solar pool heaters.

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